• Lake Jindabyne

    Lake Jindabyne, New South Wales, Australia .

    Lake Jindabyne receives the flow from the Snowy River as well as its tributaries, the Thredbo River and Eucumbene River.

    The Jindabyne pumping station pumps the water from the rivers into the Snowy-Murray tunnel where it flows west through Murray 1 and Murray 2 Power Stations before entering the Swampy Plains River and then the Murray River. The flow of water into Lake Jindabyne is particularly strong during the spring months of October and November.

    The idea of the Snowy Mountains Scheme was developed in the 1940s as a way of increasing the flow of inland rivers in order to encourage the development of primary industries based on irrigation. After the Lake was built, the flow of water into the Snowy River was only 1% of the amount that flowed before the river was dammed. This caused concerns about the state of the lower reaches of the Snowy River in Victoria and NSW.

  • Snowy Mountains

    Snowy Mountains, Kosciuszko National Park NSW, Australia .

    The Snowy Mountains, known informally as "The Snowies", is an IBRA subregion and the highest mountain range on the continent of mainland Australia. It contains the Australian mainland's highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko, which reaches to a height of 2,228 m (7,310 ft) above sea level. The range also contains the five highest peaks on the Australian mainland (including Mount Kosciuszko), all of which are above 2,100 m (6,890 ft). They are located in southern New South Wales and are part of the larger Australian Alps and Great Dividing Range, experiencing large natural snowfalls every winter. Snow normally falls during June, July, August and early September, with the snow cover melting by late spring. The Tasmanian highlands makes up the other (major) alpine region present in Australia.

    The range is host to the mountain plum-pine, a low-lying type of conifer. It is considered to be one of the centres of the Australian ski industry during the winter months, with all four snow resorts in New South Wales being located in the region.

    The Alpine Way and Snowy Mountains Highway are the major roads through the Snowy Mountains region.

  • Thredbo River

    Thredbo River, New South Wales, Australia .

    The Thredbo River, a perennial river of the Snowy River catchment, is located in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia.

    The Thredbo River rises below South Rams Head, near Mount Leo within the Kosciuszko National Park. The river flows generally adjacent to the Alpine Way, west and northwest near Dead Horse Gap, then generally north, passing through the village of Thredbo, joined by four tributaries including the Little Thredbo River, before emptying into Lake Jindabyne, impounded by Jindabyne Dam. Within Lake Jindabyne, the river reaches its confluence with the Snowy River.

    The river descends 649 metres (2,129 ft) over its 40 kilometres (25 mi) course.

    The flow of the river is impacted by alpine conditions; with high flows during spring as a result of snow melt. Meanwhile, during winter, the river is subject to snow and ice conditions.

  • Mt Kosciuszko

    Mt Kosciuszko, Kosciuszko National Park NSW, Australia .

    Australia'a highest Mountain

  • Wild Brumby Distillery

    Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery, Wollondibby Road, Crackenback NSW, Australia .

    A beautifully sculpted property with Restaurant and Schnapps tasting

  • Thredbo Village

    Thredbo NSW, Australia .

    Restaurants, Walks, Mountain Biking, Skiing & Snowboarding

  • Perisher Snow Resort

    Perisher Ski Resort, Kosciuszko Road, Perisher Valley NSW, Australia .

    Skiing & Snowboarding

  • Yarrangobilly Caves

    Yarrangobilly Caves, Yarrangobilly NSW, Australia .

    Self Guided and Guided Cave touring, walks and thermal pools.